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Lichtenberg & Partners, based in Denmark, has been active in management consultancy since 1975.

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Steen Lichtenberg

1930 - 2019 †


Lichtenberg & Partners offers first and foremost a new and long-awaited facility: effective quality control of budget forecasts and other bases for decision-making. This can be used in the early stages of planning, before critical decisions are made. It offers such high levels of realism or accuracy that users call it a ‘scientific crystal ball’. It also offers a range of new opportunities for optimisation. The system operates both on an ad hoc basis and by implementing relevant procedures in the organisation concerned, in a number of areas (see below).


The company operates at international levels and in all sectors, for both public and private clients.


Lichtenberg & Partners is a central link in a network of international consultants who adhere to the same unique and internationally recognised procedures: chiefly the Successive Principle, in whose development Steen Lichtenberg has been the driving force.

Working methods

The analysis is conducted by a carefully composed group of internal and external key persons and takes the form of a strategic evaluation of situations or projects, combined with a commercial or economic risk analysis. In addition to well-documented realism, the process produces information on the most interesting opportunities, critical aspects and the most crucial insurance needs.


Comprehensive documentation supports the quality of the results.


As the focus is on problems and other, often highly subjective sources of uncertainty, it is essential to have in place a modern, open management environment and a pronounced desire for realism.


A long list of references is available from public and private clients in Scandinavia and beyond. Given the broad scope of fields covered and the overriding need for discretion we feel it is best for references to be provided by individual agreement.


Project Management Institute, PMI
International Project Management Association, IPMA (Past president and honorary member)
The management section of the Society of Danish Engineers, IDA Management
Danish Project Management Association (Co-founder and first president)

Steen Lichtenberg

Dr. Steen Lichtenberg

1930 - 2019 †
Lichtenberg & Partners
Lichtenberg & Partners is a private, independent company based in Denmark. it has been active in management consultancy since 1975.