Lichtenberg Principle - How do we work

The needs and priorities of the client are first carefully examined and identified until full mutual understanding is obtained. An assignment plan is then written. The task is typically tackled within a group of key persons, carefully selected by the client. As we regularly work as moderators for international analysis groups, we have an extensive informal network of specialists on whom we can draw, according to the nature of each assignment.

Valuable know-how is transferred to the client organisation to allow it to proceed without external assistance as soon as possible. Experience gained through hundreds of assignments ensures efficient procedures and, typically, surprisingly short analysis periods.

Co-operation through networking

An international network has been built up, uniting colleagues dedicated to the use of the Successive Principle, first and foremost amongst the rapidly growing Futura International group of consultants in Northern Europe (see more).

This network also has further links with several international companies and organisations as well as consultants who have gained expertise in and benefitted from applying the principles

Steen Lichtenberg

Dr. Steen Lichtenberg

1930 - 2019 †
Lichtenberg Principle - How do we work
Ad Hoc tasks and implementation are performed using our international network of experienced senior consulatnts. This so far has secured success.