Observations of experts and users

  • At an international congress on project management, the Chair of the Congress described the Successive Principle as ‘probably the largest single step of progress within the Project Management area during the lifetime of our management society’
  • In the oil industry it has been characterised as 'the perfect approach to making those difficult discussions move forward to meaningful conclusions'.
  • A late, well-known Scandinavian senior executive years ago recognised the Principle as simply a process of “intelligent calculation”.
  • Another senior Scandinavian executive stressed that discovering the Successive Principle was his greatest professional ”Eureka” moment.
  • The American expert on project and general management, Russel D. Archibald, considered it as a truly major contribution to the literature and to the art and practice of both project and general management.
  • A management consultant for the Canadian government amongst others said: "I have never found an estimating technique as powerful and relatively simple to teach and implement as the Successive Principle. I’ve tried it both in small and large projects and found it more appropriate than other stochastic tools given valid data. The more I use it the fuller my appreciation of its flexibility and capability”.
  • The unique nature of the Successive Principle was identified already in the 1980s by a Japanese official development committee. Amongst the 150 papers presented at an international management congress in the USA they had the contribution on the Successive Principle translated into Japanese together with only four others.

Steen Lichtenberg

Dr. Steen Lichtenberg

1930 - 2019 †
Observations of experts and users
'The largest single step of progress within the Project Management area during many years' and 'simply a process of intelligent calculation'.