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2016 Lichtenberg S.: "Successful Control of Major Project Budgets", Adm.Sci./Project Risk Management, www.mdpi.com/2076-3387/6/3/8/pdf (peer-reviewed open access research paper on experiences with and documentation of the use of the Successive Principle).

2015 Klakegg O.J. & Lichtenberg S.: “Successive Cost Estimation – Successful Budgeting of Major Projects”, IPMA 29th World Congress, Sep. 2015, Panama

1992 Archibald, Russell D. and Lichtenberg, Steen: ‘Experiences using Next Generation Management Practices - the Future has Al¬ready Begun', keynote paper, Proceedings IPMA 1992 World Congress, Florence, Italy, June 1992. *

1989 Lichtenberg, Steen: ‘The Successive Principle A New Decision Tool for the Conception Phase’, Proceedings, 1989, Joint Project Management Institute/IPMA International Symposium, Atlanta, Sep. 1989, pp. 16-25.

1988 Lichtenberg, Steen: ‘New PM Principles for the Conception Stage – Outline of a new Generation’, International Journal of Project Management, published by / Pergamon, UK, vol. 7/1, Feb. 1989, pp. 46-51 (also presented as a keynote paper at the IPMA World Congress, Birmingham, 1988).

Steen Lichtenberg

Dr. Steen Lichtenberg

1930 - 2019 †
Articles and papers on the Successive Principle
This lists primary articles and papers on the Successive Principle.