A handbook on proactive management of uncertainty

Proactive Management handbook
Proactive Management handbook

‘One of the most significant breakthroughs in the world of management for decades’

This is the reaction amongst leading international managers to the Successive Principle. This discipline gives proactive support to management, using efficient handling of uncertainty as a central element of the decision-making process and one of the last major areas of unrealised potential.

Its many documented advantages include:

  • Unprecedented reliability of prognoses, estimates, financial analyses, schedules etc.
  • Information, presented in order of priority, on the potential for improvement
  • Improved communication, consensus and teamwork.

This handbook for managers presents the first comprehensive exposition of the Successive Principle. It sets out simple procedures, basic theory, examples, case studies and exercises, and draws on the author's extensive experience.

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Steen Lichtenberg

Dr. Steen Lichtenberg

1930 - 2019 †
Handbook on proactive management of uncertainty
Decades of practical experience is summarised in this handbook. It holds both the theory and the pracical procedures and full scale cases.