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We have hitherto undertaken some 1000 professional analysis commissions, spanning several decades and most public and private sectors with projects of all sizes from middle-of-the-range to “mega”.

Some of the characteristics of these commissions are summarised here, as indicated in the left-hand margin of this page.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the subject matter, anonymity has been maintained in these profiles. In certain circumstances, more detailed information can usually be obtained, subject to consultation with the organisations and key individuals concerned.

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  • Building and construction
    12 concrete cases summarised below. Among others regaining schedule control, the profitability of a re-developing project,an advanced multi-use arena.
  • Infrastructure projects
    8 concrete cases summarised below, suc as a serie of motorroads, expediting a sub-sea road tunnel, an airport schedule, and railroad projects.
  • Industry, export and defence programs
    13 cases such as: a contractor going abroad, a project in mining, a delay analysis of naval corvettes, and identifying the most profitable R&D ideas.
  • Offshore and other energy projects
    7 cases such as: an international offshore project tender, meeting a deadline, and a risk analysis of an integrated off-shore project.
  • Urban and harbour development
    7 cases such as: a major harbour development project, city renovation, and a non-traditional co-operation between military and civilian authorities.
  • IT and development projects
    3 cases: a hi-tech defence programme in trouble, a schedule analysis of an international telecoms development programme, and a major hi-tech project.
  • Strategic and special analyses
    7 cases such as: a nuclear decommissioning fund, the potential of a large-scale cruise liner programme,and profitability of environmental strategies.
Steen Lichtenberg

Dr. Steen Lichtenberg

1930 - 2019 †
References by business sectors
Referencies cover some 1000 professional tasks from largly all sectors. Refer to the list in the left-hand margin of this page.