IT projects can be speeded up and completed on time

Over the years, the Successive Principle has been applied towards various large-scale IT projects. They have all been completed without unforeseen delays. However the principle has even been instrumental in bringing delayed projects back on track. One such strategically important project was delayed half-way through by approx. 6 months. At this juncture an analysis process was conducted using the Successive Principle, which confirmed that as it stood the project had to be expected to be late by 6 months.

However, as part of the analysis result the following three acceleration initiatives were identified:

  1. Earlier and closer contact with future users.
  2. Allocation of a key individual to be at the disposal of the project.
  3. Acceptance by senior management of higher priority for this project.

A supplementary analysis showed that these steps would accelerate the project sufficiently to bring it in on time. Senior management authorised these interventions, they were implemented and the project was completed at the scheduled time.

Ref.: Please ask for any further references.