A company snatches an order from major international competitors

A company snatches a contract from under the noses of major international competitors due to its proactive approach

A relatively small Scandinavian company (which we shall call K) tendered for an international defence contract in Australia to a value of more than a billion dollars. Early in the proceedings K used the Successive Principle.

A “good IT partner” soon emerged at the top of the top ten list of uncertainty factors, threats and options. K was ahead of the game and was therefore able to secure the best IT partner. Similarly, the top ten list then identified the crucial role of “the local partner” and yet again K was quick off the mark and secured an agreement with the most appropriate local partner.

Competing major international players sent ministers, even prime ministers, to Australia to lobby for the deal. K sent the project manager. Yet K was awarded the contract and executed the project and, what is more, made the anticipated profit.

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