A rare success for two rail projects - the principle was involve

Successive Principle has in recent years been used intensively in two complicated Scandinavian rail projects.

 The first was finished to budget and time. The project supplied a single rail track of 30 km to a double track between Copenhagen and a provincial town. It was implemented some years ago. The project management was supported from start to finish by the Successive principle. This offered currently a realistic overview of the expected final costs and not least a ranked list of the most promising opportunities for optimizing the project performance. This information allowed an efficient follow-up and on-going monitoring of the situation in time and costs.

 The second project is the “City Rail Tunnel in Malmö", executed during 2005-2010. It included 17 km double tunnel + 3 stations, including two underground. The budget was well 1 billion Euros. The project manager applied the principle to both the budget follow up, and not least for initial and continuous Risk management with focus upon the positive opportunities.

 The largest risk/success factor which was identified in the beginning was the organization, including the decision-making power. He learned that such a large and complex project has to be completely independent with full decision-making rights. And that was approved.

 The project was completed six months earlier than planned and considerable cheaper than allocated. More management experience can be seen in a leaflet in Swedish, "Resan mot målet" (“journey against the target”) by the project manager, Örjan Larsson, and published 2010 by the project organisation.